What’s up with the Dark Lines Around My Crowns And Veneers?

While not aesthetically pleasing, the dark lines or rings around dental crowns and veneers do not pose any issues to your dental health. If you have them, there is nothing you need to do – assuming you’re ok with the look. Unfortunately, in the case that the look does bother you, the black lines will […]

Best Ways to Find a Dentist Near You

Finding a good dentist near you is one of the most important things for your hygiene. ‘Everyone loves a bright and beautiful smile. Don’t you? Professional dentists recommend going for checkups every six months. Are you considering skipping your next dental appointment? Make sure you understand the consequences of doing that. Why should you find […]

Hollywood Magic

Veneers can transform your smile.

You’ve probably flipped open an issue of People magazine and seen a perfect, brilliant smile staring back at you. That smile likely looked different not very long ago.  With today’s gorgeous dental materials, veneers can transform facial appearance dramatically in just a couple of visits. Sometimes acting like “instant orthodontics,” a set of veneers can […]

Tooth Loss – Dental Devastation


Missing teeth can rage devastation through your entire mouth. No matter if your tooth received a TKO or it met its demise due to dental complications, losing just one tooth can affect your entire smile -inspiring teeth to shift and bone to degrade. Losing many teeth can set in motion wide spread bone loss which […]

Investing in Your Smile is Investing in Your Life


A great pair of shoes or nice suit can get you noticed, but a gorgeous smile can get results…and you can wear it to the beach. It’s the most valuable accessory you can have and here’s why: We all have a little bias in us whether we want to admit it or not – and […]

The White Stuff – Dentist vs. Do-It-Yourself Whitening

Just because you have the tools to do something yourself, doesn’t always mean you should. Things can go wrong, and they do. You probably know – or have seen – someone who has had an unfortunate interlude with boxed hair coloring. They look more like they lost a bet rather than made an innocent attempt […]

Tooth Replacement – An Act of Prevention

Most people recognize the need to fill a cavity – cavities lead to infection, infection leads to root canals or tooth loss. Simple. But the importance of replacing lost teeth is often not realized – losing just one tooth can lead to losing more teeth. For many, especially for those on a tight budget, replacing […]

Why Are Healthy Teeth So Important

Strong, healthy teeth help you chew the right foods which help you grow. Teeth also help you speak clearly and look your best! Taking care of your teeth helps prevent plaque, a clear film of bacteria or “Sugar Bugs” that stick to your teeth. After you eat, Sugar Bugs go crazy over the sugar on […]

How Decay Can Take Your Health Away

What is tooth decay, anyway? Simply put, it’s cavities. How are cavities created? By the bacteria in your mouth…everyone has bacteria in their mouth to some degree. As icky as that may sound, it’s true. And if your mouth is not regularly cleaned, those bacteria go to work making plaque. Then the plaque gets together […]

It’s OK to Be Needy and We Need You

Where would we be without our patients? A dentist without patients is like…an astronomer without stars, a sculptor without clay, a sailor without a ship, a florist without flowers…you get the idea. We need you as much as you need us. We are thankful for you, our valued customer, all year long, of course. But […]