What are Digital Dentures?

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry

Digital Dentures in Midland, Texas“Digital denture” is a new system that has come into the market to change how we view removable dentures and how they can be made. The workflow involved with this system differs from traditional dentures.

In traditional dentures, your dental prosthetic does all the work of shaping your dentures to fit your mouth. With digital dentures, innovative materials, software, and digital materials help dentists and dental technicians shape dentures that fit your mouth’s exact size and shape.

Digital dentures were introduced to minimize human error in production. Regardless of your denture’s shape, they are guaranteed to produce quality and perfectly fitting dentures.

How are Digital Dentures Made?

The initial step requires you to schedule an appointment with your dental prosthetist to ascertain your bite and mouth shape. The digital denture machine carefully scans your mouth and bites impressions and accurately captures your mouth’s shape to create your exact dentures.

Most denture facilities proceed by printing a 3D try-on- model to ensure your denture is perfectly fit. You are required to test the 3D try-on-model to ensure your teeth align adequately. This stage is crucial because it ensures that you can speak properly and are happy with your new looks.

After the try-on-model has been approved, your denture is sent to the lab for final processing before the final fabrication.

Benefits of Digital Dentures in Midland, TX

  • Accuracy

Precision is paramount in dentures since it determines your looks and comfort. For a long time, traditional dentures have undergone serious criticism for their lack of precision. Also, the fitting process is messy and uncomfortable. Conversely, digital dentures provide unparalleled accuracy in dental production, enabling dentists to create dentures that match with your teeth. Moreover, the process is comfortable, and the dentures feel natural.

  • Easy Procedure

The process is less labor-intensive and invasive. With traditional dentures, you have to make multiple appointments with your dentist for adjustment. Conversely, with digital dentures, you’re required to make few visits since the process is digitalized.

  • Consistency

In digital dentures, dental prosthetist uses computer-aided software and engineering tools to design your dentures. This enables them to create the same set of dentures multiple times with the same design and fit. Thus, consistency isn’t compromised, especially if you need more than one set of dentures or replacements.

  • Customization

Digital dentures allow modifications that complement your looks and feel. Their systems allow you to choose various colors and materials, giving you dentures that provide comfort and the look you want.

  • Digital Backup

In the traditional denture system, once you misplace your denture, another must be remade from scratch. With digital dentures, the process is easy due to digital backup. The denture is digitally created and can be remade. You only have to wait for a few days for processing.

  • Convenience

Digital dentures are faster to process than non-digital dentures. Thus, they are more convenient for individuals who need quality dentures in the soonest time.

  • Durability

Digital dentures are made of stronger materials than traditional dentures. Many people replace them every 5-10 years.

How do Digital Dentures Look?

Digital dentures are consistent, giving you a similar look. They are designed to look natural, and once your denture has been designed, it is saved indefinitely.