Different Types of Sports Mouthguards for your Teeth

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Custom dental mouthguards

Mouthguards are protective coverings that are worn to protect your teeth from injury. They are often worn during contact sports such as football, hockey, or boxing, but they should also be worn during non-contact sports such as gymnastics and skateboarding. A mouthguard should be worn whenever there is the possibility of a dental injury, even […]

What is a root canal?

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Learn where to get a root canal in Midland, TX

Toothaches remind us that dental health is vital and that everyone should adopt good oral practices and visit the dentist at least twice a year. Many people reduce their chance of developing oral problems and save their teeth by undergoing a root canal. What is a root canal? Root canal is also called endodontic therapy. […]

Advice for Avoiding Cavities During Holidays

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Holiday cavity filling in midland, tx

Many individuals are more likely to develop cavities and other oral illnesses during the holiday season due to heavy consumption of sugary foods. While it is difficult to avoid certain sugary foods during the holiday season, it is crucial that individuals take care of their oral health. Dental cavity is the destruction of teeth structure […]